Why you need professional photos

98% of buyers who search for a home on the internet find photos to be among the most useful features Read more

What to expect

From booking an appointment to receiving  your photos, here is what you can expect me to do for you. Read more

How many images do you need?

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Is your home ready for photos?

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Why hire me?

A qualified real estate photographer can be one of your most valuable marketing tools.

I am here to help. My goal is to make the homes you sell look their very best by providing high-quality, wide-angle photos in a timely manner.

With ten years of experience, I work with you to improve the marketability of your client’s property.

Hiring a professional real estate photographer has many benefits:

  • Saves you time to focus on other important things
  • Reminds your clients that you offer the best service possible
  • Removes the pressure of having to take and process quality images yourself
  • Allows buyers to get a good sense of your properties via print, online tours and YouTube videos

Professional-quality photos of your listings let clients know that you’re serious about selling their home, and are effectively displaying their property to potential buyers.

Whether its a small apartment or luxury home I’m here to help.  I offer quick turn-around — usually you’ll have access to your virtual tour and photos for downloading on the same day I take your photos.

About Your Images

These two images were taken from the mls for a home that was listed at 1.3 million dollars.  I think you’ll agree they don’t do the home or the home owner any favours.

bad3 bad4

I have no idea what the photographer used to take these, but even if a good camera is used it doesn’t mean it will produce good photos.  There are several things that come into play – the light in the room and the brightness outside, the colours in the room – wall & ceiling colour, furniture and lighting can all affect the outcome of the image.

Here are two examples of before and after images that show what a difference professional photography can make.  In the first example the room is dark and not welcoming.  The windows are ‘blown out’ (over exposed).  Dark and gloomy images make a property harder to sell – buyers are less likely to show interest and that could result in a lower sale price for the seller.You can use the little slider to shift between the two images.

 In the second example the home is leaning backward and this very important main exterior photo shows the house as dark and lacking detail.

Great images help to sell houses!  I will deliver images that you and your clients can be proud of and that give prospective buyers a realistic first glimpse of what could possibly be their dream home!

Please contact me if you have any questions, I’d be happy to discuss your needs.  Best regards, Louise 613.614.4073

FAQ & Help

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My photography has a satisfaction guarantee – see details here.